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Full Version: re: raid application
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1. How old are you in real life? (optional)

2. Where are you from in real life and what's your name? (optional)

3. Why on earth do you want to join Team Camel?
I want to raid with you since I live in Europe and have a job etc.

5. Do you know anyone in Team Camel? If so how and more importantly have you stopped calling them yet?

6. Describe your characters (race, class, level, and *anything* else of interest). Link an Armory profile here please of your main character.
Grunticus, orc, hunter, 70 on Mal'Ganis since Dec'04. Fully geared in PVP arena gear and craftables for PVE.

7. Is this your MAIN character?
Yes and only

8. What experience have you had of the raiding instances?
BWL, MC, AQ20, ZG, all the heroics

9. Do you intend on Raiding with us?

If you answered yes to 9:

9a. How much have you raided with this character before?

9b. Are you attuned to, Karazhan, Heroic mode instances in TBC?
Yes, attuned to ALL

9c. Describe your gear. What resistances can you muster to arcane, fire, nature and frost damage?
300+ resilience, 13k base life, 1900 AP, 30% crit in PVP gear. With PVE gear, add some haste/AP and subtract HP.

9d. What are the optimal time slots for you to raid?
Afternoons server (evenings europe)

10. What would you bring to the guild and why on earth would we want you?
I wouldnt join the guild, I'd just raid with you. I've got my own guild to run.

11. What guilds have you been with in the past? Describe them.
Dark Wolf Clan - group of Florida college kids who used to raid afternoons server. They fell apart.
Also raided BWL with Aurora about 18 times (and paid for my full T2 set and Ashkandi to prove it)

12. How much do you play on an average week? How do you spend that time?
I'm on maybe 3 hours a day on average, usually PVP or farming/ganking primals on the EP.
LOL you have more HP than me and im a tankadin Big Grin

We are currently only few in numbers as we only came here a week or so ago, so we will try and get into Kara as soon as we can. We have raiding xp up until SSC/TK, so shouldnt be a problem getting enough people and guiding them through Kara. Will wait for Jaber to have a look over and will get back to you!


2 of my guildmates (warrior and pally) are also probably interested in some raids.
Cool, more the merrier, what spec are they?

We currently have:

1x MT/OT (Paladin)
1x MH/OH (Paladin)
1x Melee DPS (Rogue)

We have some others but they are not currently active enough to count as guarenteed raiders.
We could do with another tank and healer possibly a priest would be good so shackles can go down...

Rest is DPS, if yo ucan get them to make an application we can check them out!


When's Kara? Tongue
I'm game for heroics (primal nether farming) any evening european time.
Just pst me in game.

Ive been looking for you each night but never seem to find you on, same with Dastarn.

If you see me on "Grofit" give me a pm and i will shoot you an invite, alternativley look out for "Jaber" if you see that big wuss online pm him for an invite.

We tend to play from 6pm GTM -> 11pm GMT time so im sure any heroics/kara/group quests will be up for grouping if enough people are on.
:shock: i pwnd all your forums! :shock:
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