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11-14-2007, 03:57 PM
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If you are interested in joining Team Camel, please feel free to make a new post in this board with your application, making the subject line your name and class.

Current Needs

Hunters - HIGH
Warriors - HIGH
Rogues - MEDIUM
Mages - HIGH
Warlocks - HIGH
Shamen - HIGH (Restoration) MEDIUM (Elemental) MEDIUM (Enhancement)
Paladins - MEDIUM (Holy) LOW (Prot)
Priests - HIGH
Druids - HIGH (Resto) MEDIUM (Feral)

We generally raid Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 12am to 3pm (Server Time).

We like to think of ourselves as a casual guild, although we have experience and enjoy raiding 10/25 man instances as often as we can.
We're looking for mature, friendly and most of all FUN players to join.

We're ideally looking for people that have essentially finished with 5 man instances and are interested in progressing through raid content for 10+ players, as well as have some PvP fun when we are not raiding. We like to make sure everyone has a chance to raid and give the content a shot and we dont impose any strict looting rules. We will be trying to kit out key guild members first if they need it, however we do not currently use any DKP based systems. If this sounds interesting to you, make sure you are attuned to Karazhan and any heroics you are attuned for are a plus.

Our application form may seem daunting , however if we can take the time to write this information and check over your details, then im sure you can take out the time to fill in the form.

Please apply by answering the questions below:

1. How old are you in real life? (optional)
2. Where are you from in real life and what's your name? (optional)
3. Why on earth do you want to join Team Camel?
5. Do you know anyone in Team Camel? If so how and more importantly have you stopped calling them yet?
6. Describe your characters (race, class, level, and *anything* else of interest). Link an Armory profile here please of your main Character.
7. Is this your MAIN character?
8. What experience have you had of the raiding instances?
9. Do you intend on Raiding with us?

If you answered yes to 9:

9a. How much have you raided with this character before?
9b. Are you attuned to, Karazhan, Heroic mode instances in TBC?
9c. Describe your gear. What resistances can you muster to arcane, fire, nature and frost damage?
9d. What are the optimal time slots for you to raid?

10. What would you bring to the guild and why on earth would we want you?
11. What guilds have you been with in the past? Describe them.
12. How much do you play on an average week? How do you spend that time?

Once you've posted your application, we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Any questions, feel free to ask.
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