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Example Application
11-14-2007, 04:25 PM
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Example Application
1. How old are you in real life?
mid 20s

2. Where are you from in real life and what's your name?
I'm currently living in the UK and my name is Lee

3. Why on earth do you want to join Team Camel?
I want a fun guild where i can do some raiding without having to worry about DKP and other strict raiding rules. I also have some friends in the guild who i would enjoy raiding with.

5. Do you know anyone in Team Camel? If so how and more importantly have you stopped calling them yet?
I know Jaber, ive known him for a while and unfortunatly i speak to him most days. I also know alot of the other members in the guild. Ive done some 5 man instances with members of this guild before and it went smooth and quickly.

6. Describe your characters (race, class, level, and *anything* else of interest). Link an Armory profile here please of your main Character.

My character is called Grofit, shes a level 70 Blood Elf Paladin. Im Protection specced with a hint of Retri for the improved blocking.

7. Is this your MAIN character?


8. What experience have you had of the raiding instances?
Done raiding up to SSC with an old guild on the EU servers

9. Do you intend on Raiding with us?

9a. How much have you raided with this character before?
See Question 8

9b. Are you attuned to, Karazhan, Heroic mode instances in TBC?
Yep and all heroics except Lower city

9c. Describe your gear. What resistances can you muster to arcane, fire, nature and frost damage?
No specific resist equipment

9d. What are the optimal time slots for you to raid?


9. What would you bring to the guild and why on earth would we want you?
Some fun and a decent tankadin to help main tank/off tank or even respec to healing if needed.

10. What guilds have you been with in the past? Describe them.

Not many other guilds with this character.

11. How much do you play on an average week? How do you spend that time?

Too long Big Grin
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